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Day of The Dead Bored:
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About Us

Ready to Roll is a tight, well-oiled machine capable of adapting to any situation, client, or budget. We have decades of experience behind us, and we’ve won awards both in Australia and overseas for our work. We’ll fearlessly go where no corporate video has gone before and we pride ourselves on creating programs that fit the brief and make a difference to your team.

We started the company in 2004 with a simple aim: to create corporate communications that are simple, effective and entertaining. Since then, we’ve been privileged enough to work on projects all around Australia, and internationally as well.

Unlike other production companies, we’re not a pair of recent uni graduates who work from home with a DSLR and a laptop. Nor are we an advertising agency who are used to big crews and even bigger budgets.

We are a decade-old business with a small, highly experienced, creative team, top-of-the-range in-house edit and post production facilities, and a wide network of professional cast and crew.

We’re experienced, full-service communicators who will work with you to create the best video possible, no matter what the brief or budget.